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  • Do it yourself mechanics.
  • Use our buying power to save on spare parts.
  • All ordered must be picked up at our workshop paid for in advance.
  • It is the customer responsibility to know correct make and model.
  • Damaged or dirty parts will not be credited.
  • Parts for credit must be returned in 48 hours to our workshop.
  • We will assist with technical information and advice for a fee.
  • Hoist hire on our premises is available at suitable times.
  • We will assist the diy mechanic with advice and our buying power in the purchase of spare parts. We have contacts build up.
  • Over forty years in the automotive industry local and interstate.
  • All parts purchased for customers must be paid for in advanced and the onus is on the customer to supply the correct make and model. 20% handling charge for goods returned no credits allowed if not returned in three days from delivery unmarked and correctly packaged.



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